The Tele-Trainer is a teaching aid primarily designed for pre-school children. The Tele-Trainer allows the child to learn to operate a phone using actual telephone sets. The Tele-Trainer, unlike a toy, uses the same signals heard during real phone calls.

To use the Tele-Trainer, simply connect two push-button telephones to the jacks labeled “Student” and “Instructor”. The unit may be programmed to train the student to dial any number desired. When it is first turned on, the default number is 911. The child will hear a dial tone when the handset is removed from the cradle. If the correct number is dialed, the Tele-Trainer will ring. The instructor can then talk to the student from the instructor telephone. If the student dials incorrectly, he/she will hear a busy signal.
Changing the programmed telephone number is as simple as lifting the instructor handset, dialing the new number followed by the “#” key and hanging up.
The Tele-Trainer is also a valuable tool for teaching older students proper telephone etiquette. An optional jack allows external amplified speakers to be connected to the unit. This enables students to role play and benefit from each others’ conversations.


This selection includes the 911 Tele-Trainer unit, 2 phones, case and C.A.R.E Package

911 Tele-Trainer Plus Care